The Association LEA

The association LEA was founded in 2012 in Gospić, as a response to the growing need for resolving local ecological and environmental problems.

The goal of LEA is improving nature protection in the wildlife rich region of Lika by organizing round tables, workshops, actions focused on nature protection, exhibitions and implementing various projects.

During the last four years LEA participated in many ecological actions („World clean-up day“, „Restauration of the Theresiana path“, „Cleaning the coastline of the river Novičica“, „Renovation of Jasikovac park“) and initiated many of them („Clean Lika River“, „SOS for Jasikovac park“, „Cross Jasikovac“, which gathered several hundred participants of all ages in the sports and recreational fun). The association also continuously works on raising public awareness about environmental and nature protection issues in the region.

The mission of LEA is to actively contribute to environment and nature protection through:

  • encouraging public participation in organized actions
  • educating and informing the general public
  • establishing guidelines for effective nature protection
  • advocating responsible and effective management on the basis of sustainable development