Public Institution Northern Velebit National Park

Established in 1999, Northern Velebit is the youngest of eight national parks in Croatia. This part of the Velebit Mountain is a true patchwork of the most diverse habitats that are home to numerous plant, fungus and animal species – a wealth that is yet to be explored in its entirety. The landscape of characterized by typical karstic topography that ranks among the most interesting karstic areas in the world due to the diversity, abundance and complexity of its formations. Additionally, a large number of deep pit caves are home to rich communities of underground fauna, which makes it one of the world’s most attractive spelunking destinations.

Northern Velebit National Park is an area of great importance for raptors, owls, large carnivores, chamois, capercaillie and other endangered species. This diversity of karst formations, wildlife and largely man-made landscapes was the main reason for the creation of the Northern Velebit National Park.

Northern Velebit National Park encompasses several areas that had already been protected: the strict reserve Hajdučki i Rožanski Kukovi, the Visibaba botanical reserve – home to the endemic plant species Croatian sibirea — and the Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika kosa botanical reserve which contains the famous Velebit Botanical Garden, listed as a monument of landscape architecture.

Northern Velebit is a piece of authentic European nature – not virgin wilderness, but a natural landscape shaped by human influence back when the only way to survive was to coexist with nature.