Southern Velebit Bike Trail

This trail begins alongside the National Highway D-27 Gračac – Obrovac, where it branches towards Kaštel Žegarski, descending through scenery of low bushes and evergreen macchia. Riders should take good care because of steep decline and numerous sharp turns. After 4.5 km you can take a right turn (Route a) to a macadam road towards Ravni Golubić. Cycling another 1.5 km, you will reach the village, where from you can hike up a marked trail to a belvedere offering a marvellous view of Sastavci, the merging of the Krupa and Zrmanja Rivers (1 h).

The trail leads on to a school in Golubić (5.8 km), where Route b starts at a right turn to a macadam road. After 1 km ride, you will reach the last houses in the village. A fabulous view opens up to the canyon of the River Krupa. If you have some time to spare, we recommend climbing down a mountain path to the Kudin Bridge, a structure which has for centuries resisted the turbulent surges of water and connected the River Krupa banks.

The trail continues from Golubić in the direction of Kaštel Žegarski, and after less than 1 km, you will reach a belvedere on top of the steep canyon of the river Krnjeza. It commands a wonderful view of the mouth of the Krnjeza River, merging with Krupa. The trail descends from the belvedere to the Krupa Monastery (11.4 km) and goes on to Kaštel Žegarski (17.3 km). Here you will revel one of the most beautiful and the cleanest Croatian rivers – Zrmanja. For all desiring a great rafting adventure on this river, this is the starting point.

Leaving Kaštel Žegarski, take a right turn towards Obrovac. This section is an opportunity to enjoy the vista of a deep cleft of the Zrmanja canyon. At 23.7 km, after the village of Bogatnik, the trail separates to the right, towards Bilišani and continues along the macadam path. The trail offers views of the Zrmanja canyon, and Velebit peaks. Here, at 29.3 km, you will get onto an asphalt road towards Bilišani, where it turns right after 1.6 km, to a macadam, and further on to Muškovci, where the cycle trail ends. Muškovci is at the same time the final point of the rafting trip. Here you can relax and refresh yourself, take a walk to the Berber buk, see the sights of the Ogare hamlet, refresh from the summer heat by swimming in the clean Zrmanja, or embark on a river boat.