NP Paklenica trail


The Kneževići hamlet is the starting point where you can buy a taste of Velebit in the form of homemade honey. Just above the houses in Knežević you can see a hill with a fortification surrounded by dry-stacked wall. From the Kneževići hamlet you start toward the Orljača river canyon through a hop hornbeam and downy oak grove where you can watch and listen to rock partridges. After coming to a lookout where you can spend some time watching raptors, follow the trail towards the Mala Paklenica canyon where the hornbeam grove gradually turns into a black pine forest and then into beech forest, home to the black and white-backed woodpeckers. Climbing to Njive Lekine and then to Velika Močila you can see the tracks of mammals and at the same time enjoy a wonderful view of Veliki Kom, Vlaški grad, Jerkovac, Mala Paklenica and Malo Libinje. Descending to Samardžinovac, you will pass through a mixed forest of black pine and beech. The trail continues toward the mountain hut and hamlets Parići and Ramići, where friendly hosts and their local cuisine are waiting.

LENGTH: around 10 km
DIFFICULTY: challenging
DURATION: around 6h

Malo Libinje – M. Paklenica – Velika Močila – Pl. dom

Pasji klanac – Njive – Suva draga – Planinarski dom

Veliko Rujno – Stražbenica – Ramići