NP North Velebit trail

NP North Velebit

The wildlife tour in Northern Velebit National Park is a combination of several trails and visits some of the most beautiful places in the Park, but it also passes through areas with few visitors. The tour begins on the very border of the park and quickly enters a dense beech forest teeming with life. Woodpeckers can be heard there, digging for insects in tree trunks. On the climb toward Lubenovačka vrata, a mountain pass between Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi [steep cliff-like limestone rocks] the ground is full of mammal tracks. When you descend to the other side, next to the Lubenovac field, you can rest by the rebuilt shepherd huts, tiny houses used as temporary shelter by shepherds when they brought their cattle to pasture. The tour continues near Lubenovačka ruja, the only permanent pond in the National park, abundant with life. The trail continues to the Alan mountain pass, where a slight climb begins towards two mountain peaks in the southernmost part of the Park – Kita and Zečjak. This trail leads into the topmost area of Velebit, where beech forest becomes scrub, gradually giving way to mountain pine at even higher altitudes. From the Zečjak peak you can watch raptors hunting for their meal on the Mirovo grassland. The trail descends from the peak to Mirovo, finally merging onto the famous Premužić trail that leads to the Alan mountain hut, where refreshments are available before your return to civilization.

LENGTH: around 17 km
DIFFICULTY: moderate
DURATION: around 8h