Lea trail


The river Novčica passes through the town of Gospić, after which it feeds into the river Lika. The people of Gospić have always been connected to it — in the winter ice was collected from the river to last throughout the year, in summer it was used for fishing and catching crayfish. Today it is just a river passing through the town, but it is still remarkable for its beauty. By the left coast, from Sastavci toward the Old bridge the river’s calmness is a silent testimony of the influence it used to have. Further on down the trail you will come to the Kayak-canoe club Gospić that is keeping sport activities active on the river. The trail continues down the river bank next to the old beach called Valley of love [“Dolina ljubavi”], by the New bridge and finally arrives to the meadow next to Murković mill, where you can spot a wryneck or hoopoe. Along the whole trail along Novčica river you should keep an eye open for signs of presence of the otter — not uncommon in this area. Next to the river you can see grey wagtails flying overhead and from the nearby forest you can hear green woodpeckers.