Klepina Duliba trail

This unique experience will leave any visitor speechless. Along the whole trail through virgin beech and birch forests you can find obstructions such as fallen trees, sinkholes, protruding rocks and slippery patches of moss, contributing to the feeling of being in untouched wilderness. Klepina duliba is an expanse of nearly 250 ha, stretching from the foothills of the magnificent Šatorina mountain along the Štirovača old-growth forest all the way to Sunđer. Half of the total area is protected as a special forest vegetation reserve — meaning that no economic activities are allowed there. The forest is full of fallen trees, which provide habitat for large beetles such as the Morimus funereus longhorn and many other invertebrates that inhabit rotting wood. In this forest you can hear (and sometimes even see) the white-backed and three-toed woodpeckers, along with many other forest-dwelling birds. In Klepina Duliba you can meet the brown bear as well as many other mammals, large and small. On old beech trees you can find lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria), a rare and endangered lichen species particularly sensitive to air pollution. Visiting Klepina Duliba is recommended only for experienced Park guides because the trail is unmarked — making every visit unique.

LENGTH: around 7 km
DIFFICULTY: challenging
DURATION: around 3h