Grabovaca trail


The starting point of the hiking trail is in the Kaniža hamlet, near the Grabovac spring where you can frequently encounter various amphibians. There is also a temporary stream in the hamlet that is home to crested newts. In the surrounding forests there is a large number of birds that frequently visit the spring. The trail continues slightly uphill towards the info point of Grabovača cave park and onward through the meadow towards Medina pećina [“Bear cave”]. Along this trail you can spot different species that inhabit dry meadows like the hare, roe deer, least weasel, tawny pipit and cirl bunting. In the immediate vicinity of Medina pećina you can spot bats during the twilight hours. The marked trail continues through hornbeam forest dotted with various karstic formations such as caves and sinkholes. On the way toward the river Lika near a watering hole you can see the tracks of animals like the wild boar and roe deer — the surrounding mud is very good at preserving animal tracks. The trail toward the river Lika moves downhill through dense beech forest. During the wet autumn season different species of mushrooms can be frequently encountered. At the river bank you can enjoy a view of calm emerald blue water, the Velebit mountain and numerous species of waterbirds.

LENGTH: around 4 km
DIFFICULTY: moderate
DURATION: around 2h

Vrilo Grabovac – PP Grabovača – rijeka Lika

Pećinski vrh – Kruščica

Mezinovac – jezero