Cave Park Grabovača

Cave Park Grabovača, the only cave park in Croatia, started working at the beginning of 2005 with activities of protection, maintenance, utilization and promotion of geomorphologic monuments of nature in the area of Perušić.

In the relatively small area of 595,5 ha there are 9 speleological objects protected by the Croatian Nature Protection Law. Besides that, caves Samograd, Medina and Amidžina are individually protected (in 1964) in the category of geomorphologic monuments of nature. In their vicinity there are numerous other caves – Velika Kozarica, Mala Kozarica, Tabakuša and Slipica pit, making this park a must see and inevitable stop for speleotourists.

Many protected and endangered bat species reside in the park. Also, the presence of two Croatian big beasts (wolf and brown bear) need to be mentioned. By ornithological research the presence of 60 bird species has been determined, with 55 nesting species. The nesting colony of the Alpine Swift needs to be noted, one of the rare nesting colonies in non-Mediterranean Croatia. The river Lika flows in the bordering areas of the Park – the second largest subterranean river in Europe by its length (78km). Except natural, this park is rich in cultural and historical heritage – within its boarders the Old town of Perušić can be visited.

Being a complex of clean nature, Cave Park Grabovača offers a variety of experience and values in an ecological, scientific, esthetic and educational sense.