Velebit is the biggest, most well-known and possibly the most beautiful mountain in Croatia. It is present not only in the hearts of people who live in its vicinity but also in the hearts of the people of Croatia, Europe and the world, who, if they’ve visited it once, often return to the mountain. Velebit is part of a worldwide network of biosphere reserves, the European Natura 2000 network and the whole mountain is a Nature Park with two National Parks and many other separate protected areas.

Velebit is surrounded by the Adriatic sea on the west and Lika fields on the east, both contributing to its unique natural features and large biodiversity. There are many signs of people who logged forest in the past in order to make place for cultivated land and pastures for their cattle. Today, however, the inhabitants living on the mountain are scarce while most of the inhabitants populate the base of the mountain on both the coastal and Lika sides. The astonishing nature, scenery, hiking and bicycle trails as well as the cultural heritage of Velebit and its surroundings have fascinated people for years and you can rediscover them today.

On this web page we present you the briefest possible insight into Velebit from the perspective of nature and wildlife lovers. We invite you to visit Velebit and Lika and to spend a few days there.